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Save time and money with the best immigration auto fill-in forms and research tool available with cloud files' storage. Your business and your clients will thank you for using our application

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Time & Cost Effective Features

01. Auto Fill-In Immigration Forms

Saves time by automatically filling in the required information about the Attorney/Accredited Representative, Preparer, Petitioner, Requestor, Beneficiary/Derivative, Respondent, and Interpreter. 

02. Legal Search for Immigration

Search immigration-related cases in The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) ( Cases from year 2000 to present), Eleven Circuit Court Cases, US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, Federal Cases, and the Supreme Court. In one search you can do Case Law and BIA legal research

03. Secure, Cloud-Based Storage

Securely store your completed auto fill in immigration forms into the cloud and download to your computer or mobile device at any time. It is convenient if you forget files at your office



This web-based, hybrid application is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices and includes two exclusive features: Auto-Fill Immigration Forms and Legal Search for Immigration.



Our Story

In his former practice as an immigration attorney, as a former Legal Counsel of Guatemala in
Washington D.C., and as a former pro-bono attorney, our Co-Founder Angel Viladegut experienced the time-consuming effort of filling in an extensive amount of immigration forms with repetitive data, as well as limited legal research tools that did not provide a comprehensive search of all immigration court cases, especially Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) cases.

Our Solution

Through much research, with the intent of simplifying the fill-in immigration forms process, and
enhancing the legal search procedure, Mr. Viladegut came up with the idea of this application in order to increase efficiency and productivity, and to save countless time and repetitive effort. With the help of a talented implementation team, Omnes Immigration was born.

Vision &Technology

We believe in providing cost effective, secure, intelligent, and innovative software to allow private practice immigration attorneys, immigration law firms, pro-bono organizations, and University Legal Immigration Clinics to help the immigrant community in the United States.  This web-based, hybrid application is compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices and includes automatic form-filling, legal research tools, and cloud storage of completed immigration forms.


Angel A.Viladegut

CEO at Omnes Immigration

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