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I was the victim of a crime, and I am here illegally in the U.S. Can I do anything?

You may be a victim of

Option A:

A crime (assault with a deadly weapon).

You need to report the crime to the police and if criminals are caught, collaborate with the police and the court proceedings.  After a certain period, you can first request a “certification of U visa.” After such certification is granted, apply for a U visa.

Warning:  Never pay for both Certification of a U visa and U visa together in advance, since no one can guarantee you that your Certification of a U visa will be granted.

Option B:

If you were a victim of a household violence (VAWA) by your U.S. resident/U.S. citizen spouse,  you need to report the crime to the police, and you need to follow up and collaborate during the criminal case in court.  Then, you can apply via I-360 and then I-485 to obtain a U.S. residency.

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