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How To

The simple instructions below provide the steps you need in order to use all the key features of the Omnes Immigration application.


Main Page

At the main page, you can access the Auto Fill and Legal Search tool by simply clicking on it.

You can also see your calendar here.

Event Agenda

In order to schedule an event, the user can simply click on empty space that fits their schedule and a small customization panel will appear.


Add Member

1) In order to add a member, users can invite their employees by entering their password that they created in the beginning during the sign-up process. This step is to ensure security.

add mem2.jpg

2) Once the user has entered the password, the next step will be to enter the email address of the person they want to invite to their work flow.

Untitled design (1).jpg

Here, auto filling takes place once the user is done choosing one of the group of forms.

3)  Each form group has the information of people that needs to be filled. (See top left) Preparer and Interpreter will always be present. However, depending on the form group, more information can be required about petitioner, sponsor, applicant, beneficiary etc. 

4) Users must click on the Submit button once the mentioned tabs are filled. This is very important and will trigger the system to process given data on to the actual forms.

Auto Fill 

Untitled design (3).jpg

1) Choose one of the groups of forms at once. 

2) The completed forms will be visible on the right corner box once the autofill process is completed. 

It is possible to click on individually completed forms and if needed, the information can be edited, downloaded and printed manually - Just click on the form to go into it.


Legal Search

1) Paid members can click on ‘Search Criteria’ and customize their search.

Once you enter the key words in the search engine and click on SEARCH, the results will show up.

2) PDF format of the case can be accessed by simply clicking on the blue colored file name.

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